How to Market your Dental Office?

Promote Your Dental Services in your local area
How to Market a dental office
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1. Mail Postcard to Potential Client In You Local Area using EDDM®

The United States Postal Service® created EDDM® as an affordable targeted advertising technique that makes it easy to reach “every door” using an online mapping tool The use of postcards is one of the best ways of getting new patients, reminding the current patients to show up for appointments and informing people of newly established procedures. Arts 2 Print helps in designing, printing and distributing postcards at an affordable cost of 19 cents each. They have a wide variety of beautifully designed postcards to make a selection, With Every Door Direct Mail
  • No mailing list required
  • No mailing permit required
  • No experience required
  • No hidden fees or costs

2. Allow Arts 2 Print Experts to develop your website

While looking for dental services, most patients are likely to conduct research online on where to get the best dental services. Having a website designed in a flashy manner and ranks high on Google is likely to attract patients into seeking your services. The Arts2Print Company is known for the development of dental websites and has in the past offered services to thousands of clients. At Arts2Print, we merge compelling designs and convincing content in a way that conveys your proficiency and inspire potential patients into contacting you.


3. Influence Google to direct local patients to your website

Countless potential patients in need of dental services are actively looking for leads to dentists like you. It is therefore wise to ensure that your website is on the first page of the search Engines search page whenever patients within locality search the Keyword “dentist.”

4. Create a Marketing Email list

Email marketing helps boost the dentist’s practice.  Arts 2 Print helps you in maintaining past customers while attracting new ones through email marketing.

6. Creation of videos answering questions frequently asked by patients

The application of content marketing strategies is beneficial in marketing your dental services. Creation of content such as “how-to” videos, informative articles on various topics add value to clients. Such content helps enhance their lives and initiate communication networks which give rise to recurrent customers and recommendation to newer ones.

7. Create Local and Citations Relevant to your practice

Citations help rank your dental services for keywords that can be easily found on search engines and increases traffic to your website. Some of the best citations are the Yellow Pages, Angie’s list and Yelp. Medical specific citations such including Health Grades and Zoc Doc also exist. The higher the number of citations created, the higher you rank on Google which means more patients get attracted.

8. Imitate the backlink profile used by your competitors

Backlink analysis tool and Keyword Explorers are used in examining competitors to develop backlines that imitate theirs to gain domain authority. While analyzing the backlink profile of your competitor always keep in mind that “good links” and “bad links” exist. Good links come organic and come about through outreach while bad links are made of spam comments, procured links, and PBNs. If you opt to go with good links your site ranking will improve considerably.

9. Get established in online directories

We ensure that information relating to your practice is accurate, correct and available in over 50 directories.

10. Maximize Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing might not be attractive, but it is the way to go if your dental services are on a small scale. I would advise that you start by using social media platforms such as Facebook and an attractive picture of dental office members of staff in all the promotion messages.  Targeting the appropriate crowd using Facebook spiced up by the staff photo gives your marketing authority and legitimacy. Adding client’s reviews and testimonials give you a sense of social proof. Going by this promotion strategy is cost effective and can be boosted by using Facebook Ads aimed at a specific audience.

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